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Zedge is a brand that has long been offering ringtones and screensavers for our devices. With more than 40 million users today, tens of thousands of funds of the screen, and close to half a million ringtones, Zedge is one of the best options to customize our Android and give a renewed appearance.

Explore funds, ringtones and free themes that you like, download them and assign them their destination from the same app from Zedge clear and orderly interface. For starters, it separates its contents in wallpapers, dynamic screensavers, ringtones, ringtones for notifications, games, and themes, while the latter are tasked pending for Zedge Android. 

In less than 2 MB, Zedge holds a great number of possibilities to change the tones of our phone call. It is suitable for any Android 2.0 or higher.

We wanted to test this application because its presentation in the own Google Play Store and favorable feedback from thousands of users have called our attention. And it was not for less. We had tried other applications that we could change the melodies of call or notifications on our phone. We had convinced as an option to change that came in our device default. But after testing Zedge, must confess that the doubts between “traditional” and the “turnkey”, make us lean towards this last.

As we will see, the main difference between both types of apps to modify the ringtones is that, while in some melodies seek them in a music library, tones are in the other types of applications already created and download them directly from them to our smartphone.

Zedge is a great application, and that’s the feeling that transmits from the first moment.

The content as Enco TNR Aras for each section is at the same time organized by categories, so that it will not cost you anything finds funds that might more like in categories Anime, Logos, landscapes, politics and news, entertainment, animals, etc. Funds are generic, but also trademarks, films, works of art, famous, elite athletes and other elements of popular culture. You can configure it to enable child filter and avoid children exploring the app having to see content little appropriate for their age (which there are).

Zedge is a complete application that provides ringtones, but not only that. His proposed the complete with HD wallpaper and animated. Both the tone and the Wallpapers are attractive. We have options for all types of users, by age or tastes. The major success of this application is, in addition to the quality of your product, the success in the choice of your amp showcase ringtones and wallpapers: current and attractive.

First go to the main menu, in which we see already the options to customize the sounds of our smartphone, as well as the bottom of your screen.

We see the ringtones option in the menu. We touch on it and opens us an extensive list of ringtones of all kinds, among which we will see many classics and other news. You can already select you to want to download on your mobile phone.

Zedge App Pros:

– It has an excellent structure
– High usability, you navigate with a large fluency for her
– The supply of ringtones and wallpapers is good
– Ringtones and wallpapers very attractive, of high quality

download zedge app from appsandapks.com

Regarding tones, Zedge separates them between calls ringtones and ringtones for the notifications but may also be allocated as alerts, alarms, message ringtones or ringtones for specific contacts. The selection is both or wider in the case of the wallpapers, and are also organized by styles and topics since they not only offer you music in its different genres but also phrases, jokes, sounds of animals, etc.

You can download anything that will convince zedge and manage them from the downloads section, select that go changing desktop wallpaper automatically each particular time and configure a widget to renew the screen saver when you want quickly. If you want to customize your smartphone or Android tablet and choose from thousands of wallpapers and ringtones, you have to download free Zedge on your device, will be the most remarkable collection of apps on your Smartphone device. 

Change the look of your Android? Zedge brings an enormous amount of backgrounds, animated backgrounds, sounds and ringtones, to suit all tastes.

Total customization
From the same application, you can browse, download and select the images that you like most as wallpaper; the same thing with the melodies, which you can save on Zedge and use as an alarm or ringtones.

In addition to static wallpapers, Zedge also includes Live Wallpapers (animated backgrounds). In the music section, the sounds are grouped in ringtones and notifications.

Zedge users community is huge, so there are images and ringtones of all kinds.
Everything in order
Both the funds and the melodies are organized into categories to help you find what you like. Car to actors through sports or landscapes, resources or famous songs to jokes in the ringtones offer is wide.

Options, Zedge allows you to download and manage your funds and sounds, watch and preview the content before putting away it or even save Favorites without having to download them.

A mobile, thousand faces
There are many similar applications. Zedge is one of the veterans, and those more quantity and variety of content offered.
Note on™ ZEDGE Ringtones & Wallpapers
You can Download Zedge app From the Play Store by Clicking on the Downloading button on your Android.

Zedge Ringtones

Zedge Ringtones is an application for Android that will enable us, free of charge, download a lot of ringtones and wallpapers for your Android device. A very easy application to customize the ringtones or notification on our phone. Current tones and, also, wallpapers to complete this app.

Once you have the Zedge Ringtone app installed, only need an Internet connection, and you can find everything that you want. From a little-known song from Youtube, until the issue of the moment, it is likely that everything finds you in his extensive catalog.

Of course, all tracks that you download can establish them of ringtone, alarm, or whatever you want, since the application integrates seamlessly with the operating system.

Zedge Ringtones is essential to any Android user. The best that we have installed.

To improve the tone settings that we have in our smartphone, you can download an application like this. Zedge gives us a choice of dozens of ringtones that you can download for free. The application does not include complex processes. In fact, it is quite simple and what like the majority will be, without a doubt, ringtones so current that we can lower our Android.

We have agreed to an extensive list of tones, and the truth is that we enjoyed reviewing it and seeing which one to choose. Once you decide, we won’t need a guide to download it on our phone and assign it to the function you want. We can make that tone that we have selected sound in various options:

When a call between
As a message notification
We can assign it to a particular contact
Set alarm sound
To do any of these assignments, we will see that the thing is as simple as touching on any of them. Zedge is a very intuitive application that makes us flow by it and its different functions. We will see that there is a small indication “Download,” below on the left to select the tone and open up the new screen. We can reproduce it before that, and after downloading it, the message is transformed into “Use,” that will be when showing us the four options which we have detailed to assign them to a function.

We have been testing different shades that we see in the list. Now let’s try the tones search function. We see that Zedge tells us that it has more than 610,000 different tones to Select from. That what we have seen (with somber, is clear), the first menu of wallpapers, ringtones, alarms, notifications. We see the numero of each of them we have in the application.

We are going to do the search for a classic of music, Hotel California, make this entire process to assign the song to, for example, the function of incoming calls:

We play in the search function (above, the magnifying glass)
We wrote in the song title
Select it in the resultants
We see a screen with the results of that search in ringtones, wallpapers, alerts.
Select the option
We see the results, from which we choose you to want
We can reproduce it and download it
Finally, we played in use
The process, simple and very intuitive, ends with the award of the tone to the function, as when we select it from the list that shows us the application.

Let us remember that Zedge completes your proposal with wallpapers, both static and animated. To choose one of these wallpapers for our smartphone display, the process is the same that which we have detailed for tones.

What if we’ll see is that the wallpaper or wallpaper that you choose will not fit their dimensions to the size of our screen (Galaxy Ace, 4.3 ”), what we do not know if it is because you are developed for larger screens or in these also give us this same problem.

Those are the options that we find in Zedge, application which features a parental function, which you will find on the tab (below), in the section of settings. We find it under the name of filter family, and know when acts to activate it and go to perform the search for a wallpaper. At that time, you will notice that we have activated the filter, with what results will respect this choice and discriminated content for adults.

The other two tabs on the bottom bar are the downloads (in which we will see the ringtones and wallpaper downloads) and the favorites, where are stored the downloads that we have marked as such.

Zedge Ringtones & Wallpapers is an excellent application to customize our phone with ringtones and call notification and wallpapers. It offers us a world of ringtones and wallpapers to choose from.

The application is designed with a great sense of service, and as users have dis Furtado much to be governed by it. Everything is easy to secular, because the application structure is logical and, therefore, intuitive.

It is virtually impossible to lose by Zedge, as happens in many applications, that the app does not lead hand. We have a brilliant application that has millions of users and many favorable comments for something.

The wallpapers are a great added value for Zedge when choosing it as an application to find our favorite songs as ringtones.

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