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Download WinExt Pro 2.1

Winext is an application capable of locating and deleting duplicate files to free up space, identifying great resources to help you find out that it occupies so much space, directory monitoring for file operations and much more.
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WinExt Pro allows you to quickly see all the units/directory/size of the files in 1 tree view so that you can do the disc cleaning working manual with an atomiser. 1Tree Pro Loads your local and networked units and rugs with your Sizess (sorted by size in descending order), and do some common operations for selected resources in batch mode, such as moving to the Recycle Bin, removing and moving permanently/copying to another location. In addition, it gives you some special commands (for example, get the full path of resources) for drives/files/carpets. Therefore, with 1Tree Pro, you could do the manual work of disc cleaning with an atomiser. In fact, it's similar to UNIX/Linux du command, or you might think it's a GUI du tool for Windows.

Features of WinExt Pro 2.1

  • Search for duplicate files;
  • Quickly find the largest resources;
  • View more information on recently accessed resources;
  • Monitor Windows activity;
  • Do batch operations in multiple resources;
  • Automatic synchronization or Resource manual.