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It travels through the real world and the virtual world of Pokemon with Pokemon GO for iPhone and Android devices. Pokemon GO Apk, you will find Pokemon in a whole new world: your world! Pokemon GO is built on the platform of the game in the realistic of Niantic & uses real locations to encourage players to go out and explore the length and width of the world in search of Pokemon. Pokemon GO App allows you to find and capture more than a hundred species of Pokemon while exploring your surroundings.

Pokemon game series has used places of the real world, such as New York, Paris or the Japanese regions of Hokkaido and Kanto, as a source of inspiration to create extreme scenarios which have developed. Pokemon GO, the real world will be the own stage!

Ponte in the foot and salt outside to find & catch wild Pokemon. Explore cities & towns close to where you live and the world to capture as many Pokemon as you can. As you move, your smartphone will vibrate when you are near a Pokemon. Once you have found a Pokemon, with notes on the touch screen of your smartphone & launched a Poké Ball to catch him. Aim well, because he could flee! You can also search for Pokeparadas located in some of the most exciting places in the world, such as art installations, historical points, and public monuments, where you can pick up more Poke Balls and other objects.

Complete your Pokedex

When playing a Pokemon GO for the first time, you can customise the appearance of your trainer, choosing clothes and accessories to give a cool look. Your custom avatar will appear when you move the map and also in your profile. Also, other players will see your avatar when visiting a gym that you control.In Pokemon GO Apk, you gain levels as a coach, and the higher your level, more robust will be the Pokemon you can catch to complete your Pokédex. You will also have access to more powerful, like Super Balls objects, to give you more likely to catch Pokemon. Keep exploring and encounter Pokemon to level up!

There are other ways to add Pokemon to your Pokédex. If you catch the same species of Pokemon one sufficient number of times, you will have the chance that one of them evolves. And, as you explore, you can find Pokemon eggs in Pokeparadas, to watch when you’ve wandered a specified distance. When hatch, you may find Pokemon you have not seen before in the game!

Some wild Pokemon only appears in some locations near where you live or around the world. For example, some Water-type Pokemon can be appearing only near Lakes and oceans. If you are away from home, make sure you stay alerted to see that you don’t generally find Pokemon!

Evolve a Pokemon can help you fill your Pokédex when not you quickly find certain Pokemon in the wild. For example, if there are many Poliwag by your area, but you don’t see any Poliwhirl, catch many Poliwag to, later, the chance that one of them evolve a Poliwhirl.

Customize your trainer

When playing a Pokemon GO for the first time, you can customise the appearance of your trainer, choosing clothes and accessories to give a cool look. Your custom avatar will appear when you move the map and also in your profile. Also, other players will see your avatar when visiting a gym that you control.

Join a team and fight

At a certain point of the Pokemon Go Apk Game, you will be asked to join one of three teams. Once you participate in a team, you can assign a Pokemon you’ve caught an empty gym or one where a member of your team has placed one of his Pokemon. Like the Pokeparadas, gyms can be found in real locations in the world, and as each player can place only a Pokemon in a gym, in particular, you will have to work together with your team members to achieve a strong defence.
If an opposing team has reclaimed a gym, you can challenge the gym using the Pokemon that you’ve captured in combat against the defending Pokemon. The fights are exciting challenges! You choose which of your Pokemon will join. Each Pokemon has two attacks and can dodge the attacks of the Pokemon defense if you slide your finger left or right. If the Pokemon in your team wins, then the reputation of the gym is reduced. If the prestige of the gym becomes zero, the defending your side loses control of the gym, & you or another player can then take control by assigning a Pokemon to protect it.
Once your team has control over the gym, the team members can raise the level and prestige of the gym fighting against the defending Pokemon. These bouts of training against your team also help to level up your Pokemon. As the gym level rises, your team can be assigned more Pokemon to defend it. Also, can join you to your friends to combat together in a gym rival to defeat more quickly to other gyms more strong.
You can face a variety of challenges that highlight different achievements, as, for example, the number of Pokemon you’ve caught and the distance you’ve traveled. When you get these achievements, you will unlock badges that will appear on your profile. Give it all to unlock as many logos as you can.

Play for free!

You can download Pokemon Go Apk for free from the App Store and Google Play. Play Pokemon GO is free, with lots of fun things to do and Pokemon to discover around every corner. Players who want to improve their experience with Pokemon GO further can access certain objects and functions through purchases in the application. Players can spend real money on Pokemonedas, the currency within Pokemon GO Apk. Later, the Pokemonedas can be exchanged for upgrades, additional objects, and other things.


The function to evaluate Pokemon

Now you can get help from your team leader to prepare yourself for the Pokemon gyms before combat. With the new feature to Pokemon, Candela, Blanche or Spark will make you know what your Pokemon has the best attacks and defences for the next battles that you face.

Pokemon GO Plus

A small device called a Pokemon GO Plus allows Pokemon GO players to enjoy the game even when they are not using their smartphones. The device is connected to your mobile phone via Bluetooth and via a led and vibration, notifies the player of game events, such as, for example, the appearance of a Pokemon in the vicinity. Also, players can catch Pokemon or perform other simple actions by just pressing the button on the device.

Pokemon companion

With the function of the Pokemon companion, you can choose the Pokemon Favorites from your collection so that they travel to your side, thus opening up rewards and experiences in the game. Your Pokemon companion will appear next to your avatar in coach on your profile screen and will reward you with valuable prizes, including candies, to walk with him. And still expect you more surprises with the function of the Pokemon companion, available soon!

Have fun taking pictures!

When you find yourself with a wild Pokemon, you can turn on the camera function so that the Pokemon appears in the actual place that points your camera. You can then capture the moment with the camera which in the game inside your bag. Focuses the image and hit the button to take the picture. The image will be saved with your smartphone photos so you can share it as you wish.

Pokemon Go Update

Niantic had removed the tracking function from the game soon after the start of Pokemon Go Update, which showed how far away the small creatures were from their own location. Since then, the voices of are users Very loud, calling for a return of this function, the “close-up” overview does not provide any indication as to whether or not one is moving towards the longed-for prey. Now the developers are delivering an update, which should help here.
How Niantic in a recent blog post tells the newly developed can now be used throughout the United States and Europe “Nearby” feature. The company had activated the function in the past few weeks, so to speak, in a small field test around San Francisco and then gradually extended the availability to other US regions. Now finally German users will also benefit from the new feature. 
If you open the “near” overview, you will see pictures of Pokestops in the vicinity, each of which is assigned a Pokemon. If you now select one of these options, the corresponding Pokestop is also marked with a foot symbol on the overview card after a click on the foot symbol. This is an indication that the monster hunter should be waiting. The mark will be removed as soon as the Pokemon has been captured. 
The connection to the Pokestops also makes sure that players from rural areas, where such points of contact are much less frequent, can often start with the new function only slightly – accordingly, the complaints of such users are getting louder and louder. Niantic ensures that you will closely monitor the use of the new “Near” features and make further improvements. If you are looking for the speed with which the new tracking was developed, the next update should not be expected until next year.
Pokemon GO: Pokemesh update aims to prevent the bans
In recent weeks, the Niantic team is trying to put an end to third-party applications that, until now, operated in Pokemon GO. So much so that it has developer has begun to ban users who, on a regular basis, make use of external tools that modify the game experience.
One of them, in recent days, has been Pokemesh, that has tried to occupy the place left by Pokevision. Its creators have just announced through its website version 4.3.0 of the application, which in addition to incorporate some best and correct a few errors seeks to Dodge Niantic.
Although Pokemesh makers assure that our patches are not one hundred percent reliable, the truth is that they trust to avoid the ban of users who make use of their tool. In any case, and as always, we recommend enjoying the game without the aid of any kind. If used, shall be subject to the consequences.
PokeMesh has become, along with Fast PokeMap, the reference of all Pokemon Go players who want to use an alternative radar. Although Niantic has already taken the first steps towards a good system, it seems that we still have to wait a while and applications such as PokeMesh are very useful. Unfortunately, the bans have come, and we need to take some precautions to keep us without an account. The luck is that the developers are working hard to prevent it.
When we talk about PokeMesh and the apk at all times, we refer to Android, because it is the only place where we can make use of it. As many already know, such applications last very little in the Google app store so it will be necessary to install or update it manually. And this is perhaps the most negative aspect of a map in the browser as FastPokeMap. Luckily, installing or upgrading PokeMesh is a simple process.


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