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MacX MediaTrans [$59.95] Download 100% FREE

MacX MediaTrans is the best solution to transfer and backup data between IPhone, IPod, IPad and Mac.No only manages and organizes the file on the device, such as video, music, photos, movies, TV program, but is compatible with the backup of PDF, APP, DMG for IPhone, using it as a USB drive.
This file Manager and allows you to create, delete and edit playlists, music tracks, and albums, as well as batch work. You can also use the APP as automatic chatting and pass video formats of the type AVI, WMV, MKV, etc. to MP4 to reduce space and to move to IPhone and IPad retaining its high quality.
With cutting-edge technology boring MediaTrans performs conversions at high speed. You can transfer files to about 20 MB per second, so you can make your itunes backup in a few seconds. It is an ideal application if you are weak in your mobile device because you can pass the data to the MAC and continue using it without problems.
Making backups is also very important for, for example, switching to one of the new IPhone 7 or avoiding problems before performing complex tasks such as updating the operating system, especially when moving from one version to another (from iOS 9 to iOS 10 for example).

Features of MacX MediaTrans

  • MacX MediaTrans for Mac perform these tasks is very simple and fast. This software allows us to manage the files of our iPhone, IPad or iPod Touch individually and thanks to it we will be able to transfer photos, videos or music between our computer and the IOS device at high speed. This is a payment program, but at this time there is a draw in progress with 1,000 free copies each day until its completion.

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