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KeepVid Download Any Video From Any website

We all want to download some video of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Instagram to have it in local and watch it later. Although there are applications that let you download videos from certain platforms, today we will show you how to download videos from several websites regardless of their origin and from a single application.

Note: copyrighted content can not be downloaded or spread by third parties so that Apps & Apk's is not liable for the misuse of this application.

Keepvid, the solution to download any video from almost any site

If there is an application that supports downloading videos from any Web page that is Keepvid (also has a desktop version). Keepvid implements function as exciting as the ability to select the download quality of the file or the capability to add video links to download them instantly. Also, we can also synchronise our Google account to get our YouTube subscriptions and download the content more quickly.

As expected, Keepvid is not in the Play Store, so we will have to refer to you to the official website to download it. Once installed, You will have to follow the first steps that the application tells You to download any content.

How Keepvid Works

The main screen presents the list of the most popular video platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram or Vine, but we can add numerous platforms on the button with dots. In the fact that we want to download a video that is not on any of these platforms, we will just have to copy the link in the Blue floating button and automatically drive us to the page in question to download the video.

Features of WinExt Pro 2.1

  • Download Videos From Popular Video Sharing Platforms for Free
  • Download YouTube to MP3
  • Built-in Web Browser
  • Easy to Use Interface
  • Supports Batch Download with Multitasking Feature
  • Offers Fast Downloads

To see the downloaded videos, User will proceed to the Downloads section, in the uppermost section next to the search magnifier. It will show the listing of all downloaded videos. If You want to view them from the original route, You will have to redirect to the folder of Keepvid inside the internal storage, although Thou can change the location of saved if You prefer it.

In short, with keepvid You will be able to download almost any video on the internet, You only have to add the link, You will have it in our devices.


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