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Integral calculator level 1 calculates integral differentiable functions defined. The numerical values are calculated with 15-digit precision. The calculator does not have any symbolic integration and analytical guesswork out. The algorithm is pure too. This has some advantages and disadvantages. The results of the calculation are reflected in the history of text enriched-box, you can save to a file or printed.

Get comprehensive Calculator application if you want to calculate. The latest version 1.0 published by its creator, Dr. Mark Jones (Ph.D. Maths), the 20.06.16. Its minimum requirement is Android 2.1.x to ensure that works on your device. Located in the ranking 2975 apps on education and languages, which is included with other apps such as Google Translate, globalization, PhotoMath, translator, Spanish English Translator, and so.

This application works with functions of one and two variables. The integral calculator is designed for students and teachers in math, engineering, physics, and science in general.
The application can solve the following math operations:
-Primitive symbolic calculations.
-A symbolic derivative of calculus.
-Drawn 2D and 3D functions.
-Zeros and points of inflection of calculation.

Troubleshooter system of equations. Matrix calculations. Two variable functions plotter. Equations Solver. Some of the most differential operators.

integral calculator app

The solution of integrals of higher mathematics offline to online – download the application and use it without the Internet as a calculator:

In the application there are:
the solution of integral indefinite (in most cases with a detailed solution)
the solution of definite integrals (in the majority of cases an exact solution to the part uncertain of the integral and then placing the limits of integration)
Improper Integrals without solution detailed solution.

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