100GB Cloud Storage free for life time

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Today there are many cloud storage services that exist. However, very few offer such an attractive offer as the one that has recently launched Zoolz. Because through the same new users can get GB free accommodation.
Of course this promotion will not be available for everyone. For only the first million registered users will enjoy it. So if you want a cloud storage service that offers you a lot of free space. Maybe it's time for you to register at Zoolz.

That if, keep in mind that at the moment this cloud storage service is only available in: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Spain. So if you don't live in a country other than these. Then you will need to look for other alternatives like Dropbox.

100GB Cloud Storage free for lifetime, Hurry up!!

Zoolz has thought just this and have decided to give free GB to the first million users who register on their website. The service also provides protection by encrypting files before the upload, has no limit on the rate of descent or upload, and the free account will allow you to make a backup of two computers if you want.

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