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The technological development of recent years has impacted on every aspect of everyday life, including in the world of sport and physical care.

Digital tapes and bicycles, vibratory platforms and electrodes are some elements that can be seen with daily life in the beautician centers or gyms. However, the use of these equipment tends to be somewhat costly and not always entirely practical.

fitness board

Given this, the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) published a report proposing a fast, economical and highly efficient training circuit focusing on the use of body weight.

Brett Klika and Chris Jordan, article directors and members of the Human Performance Institute in Orlando, Florida, recognize that one of their clients ‘ biggest problems is the lack of time to perform the amount of exercise that traditional routines require. This is why they have designed a high-intensity training circuit (HICT) where body weight is used as resistance. This strategy combined aerobic movements and located in a cycle of just seven minutes.

Simply Fit Board is a technique that can generate many health benefits in much less time than traditional programs. It is proven to be highly effective in burning fats and developing muscles, with metabolic improvements that can be noticed up to 72 hours after completing a session. Among the unique features of these exercises is the promotion of strength in all muscle groups, to accommodate repetitions and rest time according to needs, and to be interactive with the tools around them (chairs, stairs, benches or walls, among others).

For proper realization, it is necessary to alternate between opposing muscle groups to work one area while resting the other. Each exercise was designed to last about thirty seconds (which translates into about 15 to 20 repetitions), with ten seconds of rest between each series. The total time of all the training is approximately seven minutes, being able to repeat it two or three times.

The King of functional training is in the center of the body. The so-called middle zone allows a transfer of force through the kinetic chains.

There are several types of research that point to this body area as the most effective formula of putting the body to the point. One of them made by Springfield College, indicate that combined with a Swiss ball increases the benefits of this type of training.

The reason is that to control the instability of the ball, more muscles are strengthened with less effort.

The ball is placed between the wall and our back. The job is to bend the knees to an angle of 90ยบ and return to the initial position are necessary between 8 and 15 repetitions, according to the physical state of each one. It is then recommended to maintain the posture between 10 and 30 seconds. Perform 3 Series resting between 30 and 60 seconds.

If we want to increase the difficulty can add some dumbbells and perform push-ups with arms in a coordinated way.

By maintaining the static position at 90 degrees (10 -30 seconds), We carry out an extension of arms and hold the position for the same time.


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