avg pctuneup unlimited free download

AVG TuneUp Unlimited [$49/Year] Download for Free

AVG PC TuneUp, formerly known as TuneUp Utilities, is a complete suite of optimization for Windows. Their numerous tools fix most performance problems, and they do it in a comprehensible and fast way.

After a clean up and set-up with AVG pc TuneUp, the PC goes faster and spends less battery and resources. But the best thing about it is the automatic maintenance: it's like having a repair technician on your PC.

A complete Toolbox

It all starts with the one click. When you activate the Turbo, AVG PC TuneUp disables unnecessary features and programs to free up memory. It's the most immediate and rewarding of the suite. Together with the Economy mode and the Standard, Turbo is part of the PC modes, a kind of fast settings that are activated in seconds.


The bulk of the optimization is carried out through scans. The maintenance scans the Windows registry, removes junk files, optimizes the boot to make it faster and defragment the hard drive. The process is automatic, and AVG PC TuneUp runs it periodically without you having to ask for it.

Features of WinExt Pro 2.1

  • Tweak Windows Settings
  • Clean Windows Registry
  • Remove Unwanted Apps
  • Remove Unwanted Files
  • Automatic synchronization or Resource manual.
  • Removes unwanted files from the system and save space