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CSGO Lounge, a favorite site for counter-strike gaming: Global Offensive, the announcement today that it will close its functionality of virtual betting via the site, for all regions. The site will remain online, but only to work as a platform for entertainment related to eSports, according to his press conference.

The betting site in the largest and most recognized of counter-strike skins: Global Offensive announced to stop operating, so its users already do not can continue betting in the next matches. This is due to that Valve, the American developer of video games, shipping, a few days ago a legal letter that forced many gambling sites to immediately cease their illegal activities, since the company had received numerous scandals and serious allegations which related to these gambling sites.

New features for CSGO Lounge will be released “Very soon.” For now, the CSGO Lounge team will focus on a solution to “remove items.” Virtual skins and objects for betting deposits will no longer be available to users.

CSGO Lounge reported, just two weeks ago, that trying to legalize their services once Valve sends them an order to desist from their activities. CSGO Lounge is one of the first and the more extensive, website that he was accused in a legal scandal of the counter-strike gaming industry.

The bet of skins of weapons was very popular among fans of eSports, and many believe that this has directly to do with the growth of cs as an eSport. Now that CSGO Lounge is pulling the towel, it is expected to see that they will do other companies.

SIM, however, this does not mean all the gambling sites to be removed from the market. Just yesterday, it was reported that Loto-Qu├ębec, another gambling site, this planning to institutionalize a legal and regulated platform for the bet in the eSports. It is possible that many followed this model.

Following this, CSGO Lounge launched a press release on the Steam forums announcing his farewell together with Dota2Lounge, affiliated website which operated on Dota 2. The new company will file into a platform for information and entertainment of eSports, which ensured that it would be released very soon. Also, they announced that they are working on some possible solution so that users can remove their skins on the site.

Farewell announcement comes shortly after it came out light that struggled Holdings, company that Virtus.Pro owns, was the owner of 90% of Lounge Sp.z.o.o, the company that manages CSGO Lounge. It will now only be seen will affect the closure of the popular gambling site both counter-strike and Dota 2, since, despite their illegal gambling activities, they generated a lot of spectators in games.

For the bookmaker, CSGO Lounge handled weapon skins Counter Strike has spent an impressive amount of money

Betting on “skins” games like Counter Strike and Dota2 recently met with the great video game developer, Valve, telling them we are here and forcing the closure of many of them. Numerous lawsuits against Valve and websites like CSGOLotto or CSGOLounge were the beginning of the end of the betting unregulated of esports, but the actual trigger was the h3h3productions popular youtube video entitled “Deception, lies and CSGO” where the situation p: 

The video reveals how minors have full and free access to these bookmakers and how these owners have lied and made misleading advertising to give the impression that it is incredibly easy to earn money there.

Now a new study has shown how extremely profitable this business is. According to Will Green LegalSports in the first seven months of 2016, the bookmaker CSGOLounge handled more than $ 1 trillion, a figure that exceeds the benefits generated by the e – sports industry as a whole.
Celebrities Twitch and YouTube as James “Phantomlord” Varga or Tom “ProSyndicate” Cassell have been involved in scandals over my ownership of these websites.

A few months after gambling sites unregulated electronic sports were forced to close, CSGOLounge began with a new format of credits to bet on professional games. However, there is still no clear method of how the user can make money that way.

While the aspect of using a virtual currency as the skins represents a potential legal obstacle, the real problem will only be solved once the states decide to recognize or not to sports as sports and regulate these websites.

By CSGOLounge they spent about 103 million skins and each with an average value of $9.75. From the beginning of the year was wagered in 2,800 games, $358,000 per match they moved.

At a forum of the Steam online gaming platform, betting on the video game, CSGO Lounge website announced in a brief statement that it would not allow its users to bet in future games. This change is because CSGO Lounge received a letter of ceasing from Valve, the company owner of Steam, to cease operations.

CSGO Lounge attracted the attention of Valve, the company owner of Steam since the site used the forums of this platform for to perform operations with skins (design and decoration) of virtual weapons which can be used in games like CounterStrike, for example. These operations would be exchanges, the sale of skins of arms and illegal betting.

For his part, CSGO Lounge declares have tried by various means to eliminate bets on sites where are considered illegal, but at the same time was trying to do with licenses that would allow it to carry out betting legally. In the end, they decided to retire from the world of bets to devote himself solely to serve as a platform dedicated to the creation of content for news and entertainment purposes.

Before the new changes, CSGO Lounge mentioned that the new format would be online very soon, also, to being be striving to have a system enabling its users to remove objects without allowing new bets.

It is presumed that other video games and sports betting web sites also take similar measures, since it is known Valve sent other cards similar to other companies.

Tips to Playing Safe at CSGO Lounge 

To prevent errors at the very beginning of the game and protect you from possible losses, want to bring here the 5 basic rules (councils), followed by professional players at their own game.

1. Stick to its strategy and never change. You should clearly identify your bank for themselves and a single bet. Then forward! One rate should not exceed 3% of the total pot. Determine approximately the amount of rates that you will do this week. Mark its strategy and start to bet. And that day, when you’re without good cause will increase your stake will fall during the day your Empire. Only in Hollywood films the guy puts the entire Bank and wins the jackpot. This never happens!
Example of 2000 USD for every match no more no less!

2. Avoid “megalomania,” feel good luck. Each player begins a streak of luck, that is when putting in any event, the bet wins. Here you can consult only one keep! As soon as you started to lose-stop! Perechekayte period and forget about rates and ratios. Only after that start playing, otherwise the “tilt.” “Tilt” is a term used in poker and means the negative psychological state of the player. In this position, the player thinks but is not the head of emotions. About the consequences, in this condition, of course, no one thinks. And they can only be pitiable. You lose a bet, one by one, while increasing each of them, and eventually even without the Bank at all. In other words, you bankrupt.

3. Make your prediction for those events in which you have expertise. Don’t bet on everything, only that you close. But do not forget to monitor statistics and news continuously. If your bolts pass through a period, wait, don’t bet on anything, and then you’ll be “on horseback.”

4. Don’t make your prediction for the loved and hated team. If you want to earn money, then this classification will have teams forget. Not worth betting on losing “Vp” only because you are rooting for Navi. Such a path would lead only to crash.

5. Betting is not everything that you have in your life. The stakes are not worth the build their lives. Remember that in addition to the rates you have family, friends, relatives. Learn how to mix the game and rest. Good luck on the rates!

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