Appxg what the heck is this!

APPXG has a life path of 1. APPXG means: With a Life Path 1, your numbers are (10/1, 19/1). Individuals with a life path number of 1 are very original, and you can have abilities as an inventor or innovator of any sort. In any job you choose, your confident attitude can point through. You have compelling personal needs and desires, and you believe that you must always follow your convictions. You are weak of routine tasks rather quickly and things that require a fabulous attention to details. People with the life track of 1 are very are determined and confident towards job progression.

Even if they can conceal their ambitions for social reasons, they can be self-centred and demanding in many cases to accomplish their purposes. For the most part, they are beneficial as a corporation, friendly, good-natured and pleasant conversationalists. Personalities like you and are interested in other with comparable features. It’s a valid thing that you are because you are very susceptible to rejection and do not answer to it properly. This life track of 1 also intimates that you entered the world with a significant level of essential skills required to head people or organisations.

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Your nature is individualistic desires that demand independence, and the need for personal fulfilment. Many of business administrators, diplomats and army commanders are men and women with a life path of 1. You also have a great imaginative inspiration and have reached the intensity and energy to accomplish more awesome stuff in life.

They are very skilled at it by directing the ball rolling; the enlightenment of new projects is your energy. You are at your greatest when you stumble upon barriers and difficulties, as this encourages you to fight with force and courage.

This makes out both your physical and inner varieties of strength. With this power comes utter confidence and ability to lead. As a naturally talented leader, you take responsibility for any situation. You tend to do this, yet if it is seldom not suitable for you to do this. There are various ways in which the adverse side of the number 1 becomes detrimental. One always has the choice of size as a design, but it may fail if size is the only reflector through which one examines things.

Unfortunately, sometimes you need to support others for a while before letting yourself to work, and this can be a tough time. When a character with a Life Path 1 is not completely matured, and the downside of it shows itself, the person looks to be very dependent rather than independent, particularly in the early years.

If you display these negative trait of the number 1, you are likely to be very disappointed with the conditions and want for self-control. This could be considered the weak side or the negative qualities of the life path of 1. As advice to mitigate the negative qualities of 1 which are mainly self-serving, selfish and self-centred, avoid acting too bossy and commanding on yourself and others.