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Akinator, Created in 2007 by three French programmers, it became popular Globally in November 2008. And in 2009 in European countries while in Japan in 2010, after the launch of its mobile app by a French Mobile Company SCIMOB, Reaching the highest rankings on the app store. The Web Genie is an online game and Smartphone/mobile app based upon 20 Questions that determine which character the user is thinking of by asking them a series of few questions, Question that is posed by a cartoon known as the genie. It is an (AIP) artificial intelligence program that can search and learn the best questions to ask the user.

Features of Akinator

– Speech recognition.
– Child Filter

– User can add questions and pictures 

– AKI Awards
  and much more..

download akinator the genie

Akinator Gameplay

Akinator guesses your character if you do follow the steps. The user needs to press the play button and to think of a famous character (musician, actor, athlete, political, etc..) to start the questionnaire. The apps then start asking a bunch of questions having options like “Yes”, “No”, “Probably”,” Probably not”.  If the answer narrowed to a single option before twenty-five questions are being asked, then the program will ask if the character it chose is correct or not. If the character guessed by the genie is wrong 3 times in a row, the program will ask the user to enter the character’s name, to increase its data of choices. Based on the tree match algorithm it Predicts any answer. For guessing, a new character aki awards is rewarded. In a new update, the player can buy accessories for the genie with money in-game.

Akinator can tell you what character or personality you are thinking of by Reading Your Mind, just by asking a few questions to the user. Think of any fictional or real character and Akinator Genie will guess who it is.   Challenge this Genie and Try yourself the Akinator program. Share it with other peoples you know to impress them, share your results on Facebook or other social media And show your discovery. There is more to come with the new updates. The user can Activate the child filter to let the kids play.

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