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    The 1weather app is top-rated weather app for Android. Has a clean, modern design that provides User with essential weather information Instantly. More of it In-depth forecast information is Just a Click away.

    Do you want to check precipitation, temperature, Sunrise and Sunset time, Doppler radar, etc., 1Weather Show you everything related to weather? Weather alerts help the user stay prepared, Organised.

    Now you can Download the 1Weather app on iOS Devices. Having the same design and features that iOS Users will going to love.

    1weather app Features:

    User-Friendly Interface and Features
    Real-Time Weather Alerts
    Worldwide Platform
    Live Radar
    Follow my Location
    Detailed Hourly Forecast
    Weather Graphs
    Animated Interface
    Battery Saver
    7 Different Widgets (Android)
    Today Widget (iPhone)
    Theme Customization
    Multiple Social Sharing

    1Weather is an application thanks to which we can know the weather at any time, just by looking at the screen of your Android device.

    The application offers the weather forecast anywhere in the world, with an estimate of up to one week in advance, so that we can know in advance if it will rain or Sun will do before making any plans.

    1Weather always provide the State of the place in which we find ourselves. This will be necessary to allow the application to detect our location, moment in which inform us always is the time where we are.

    One of the best elements of the application is your precious 'widget', which not only allows you to make your desktop more beautiful, but it can provide us with the information you want about the time just to turn on the terminal.

    We will see moisture infographics, maps of the region with the expected rainfall and much more. All this from a very beautiful and specially designed interface for tactile terminals.

    1Weather is a very useful tool for any user, but those interested in travelling or doing outdoor activities will find application virtually indispensable for your day to day

    At a glance, in the standard widget, we can verify information ranging from the maximum and minimum temperature passing through the State of the time, the probability of precipitation, locality, and current temperature. As you can see, very complete and all in a reduced space. If you press the widget we accede to a series of six panels, we will select at the bottom of the screen. These panels correspond to aspects such as the current time, the forecast for the coming days, a graphical bar with view to 36 hours forecast, rainfall estimated in the days of the week, an interactive map of clouds and time for sunrise and sunset.

    The application does not show any lag as it is the case of other similar utilities while allowing a fast start-up. It does not offer many options beyond that enable you to select the type of unit of measurement and thus change degrees Fahrenheit to Celsius or miles kilometres. But it is moreover not needing it and doing so it would lose part of its charm.

    1Weather is available on Google Play for free and fully functional. Once inside you will find that there is the option to acquire the 1Weather Pro version. It is done through the application, with a price of 1.51 euros and its main contribution is to eliminate advertising that occasionally appears. In my case after a few days testing the free version, and although it does not provide significant advantages, is considered that 1.51 euros are a price well worth paying to compensate for a job well done.

    Temperatures begin to fall, and winter is near, but the world continues to turn, we keep coming to work, study or simply walking, and we don't want that you take us by surprise rain without umbrellas or a day of air without a good coat. Google Play we can find many applications for meteorology, on many Smartphones come pre-installed requests for this purpose, others are integrated into the layer of the branding, in short, many do function perfectly, others do not work very well, and sometimes we just like us and turned to third-party applications.

    One of the applications that do not go unnoticed is 1Weather, a veteran Google Play, but not this application is outdated, if not during the entire route has learned much errors, achieving a balance between quality and functionality.

    We also have several locations, and switch between them to view the time in different zones, can also enjoy a variety of widgets that show time, with various models, and different to choose configurations that best suits to our use. Then also you can share weather information by social networks, text or email.

    The application isn't wrong, shows two layouts: the top demonstrates the climate in a lively way that is activated by touching the screen and comes with the essential information; and the lower part, where we have the slip effect and shows even more detailed weather information. Until there all normal and we see a typical application with a different distribution, but here is where the application plays an important role and is what we do eco.

    We see as of lively shape our LockScreen background, or lock screen shows the current climate. Personally, it looks excellent, and I think that it is one of the features most requested by all and which opens the possibilities of that other developers can devote to the Live Lockscreen support to their applications.

    While it is true that it is a breakthrough, Live Lockscreen is in beta and still require much development ahead. The good news is that one of the developers most recognised in the world of Windows Phone, Rudy Huyn, is aware of all the feedback and suggestions from users, and therefore he cares about the quality of the application, in conjunction with Microsoft apparently.

    #1Weather is still under development, so still, we don't have it in our hands, but soon as we have it, we will notify you.

    Do you think this functionality? You can see in this article our impression of the application to the lock screen.